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normally in any given day my nephew, my two nephews, my niece, all their friends were playing in this cul-de-sac. it could have been so much worse. >> a small plane goes down in a crowded mobile home park. hello i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joining us this sunday. a local pilot and his 13-year- old son are dead tonight. their single-engine cessna crashed into the mobile home park. armando trull reports and says it's a miracle there weren't more casualties on the ground. >> reporter: the 48-year-old john morton was here working on his cessna plane, doing what that plane is doing getting ready to go. he was taking off and landing,
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doing it multiple times. his son, kyle, was on board. unfortunately they never returned from their final test flight. >> the plane was coming over, heard the tree branches breaking. immediately i looked over, and i saw the impact. >> reporter: kevin, what does it take to rush into a dangerous situation like that? >> you would hope that somebody would do it for you. >> that plane could have blown up. >> that was not a concern of mine. two lives were more of a concern than anything else. >> reporter: you can see how close the flight path is to this mobile home community. this plane behind me came crashing down last night, there were dozens of people including kids enjoying an early fall evening. they say the pilot's attempt to keep from crashing into the mobile homes on either side might have been the last-ditch effort to save lives. >> reporter: it came down straight at a nose dive, doing his best job to land it where he could land it. >> reporter: in any given day,
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my two nephews, my niece, all their friends would play in this cul-de-sac. it could have been so much worse. >> reporter: ntsb investigators will be at the crash site for a few more days, looking over the pilot's log and the wreckage. >> we are here for safety. we will try to determine a cause to prevent it from happening again. >> reporter: the ntsb says it will take months to determine the cause of this fatal crash. in pennsylvania, i'm armando trull, 9news now. a four-car crash and fire on a city street sent three people to the hospital. one of them with serious burns. it happened around 3:00 this morning in the area of d.c. we said that the vehicle collided in the 4800 block of georgia avenue in the northwest sparking the fire. they are releasing few details saying that charges are pending in the driver of the suv involved in that crash. in afghanistan, a deadly milestone today. the number of u.s. service men and women, killed in the war,
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it reached about 2,000. and the american soldier was among five people killed in an attack this weekend, bringing that number to 2,000. an american contractor as well and three afghan soldiers were also killed in the fire fight. nato says that they don't know if the latest killings are another incident where the afghan security forces turned on the coalition troops. >> they will represent a means by which the enemy will seek to drive a wedge between the colleagues. the fact is that he will not succeed in doing this. our relationships are very strong and they are very effective. >> the so-called green on blue attacks have left some 52 international forces dead. thus far this year. most u.s. and foreign troops are said to be out of afghanistan by the end of 2014. and those words from convicted d.c. sniper. in an exclusive interview with
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the washington post, he said, "he felt like the worse piece of scum after seeing the reaction of one of the victim's husbands." that victim, linda franklin, was shot outside a home depot store in falls church. she was one of ten people killed in our area by malvo. >> i mean i was a monster. if you look up the definition, i mean, that's what a monster is, i was a ghoul, a thief, i stole peoples lives. i did someone else's bidding just because they said so. i am sorry. you drive up, i park, they would park, you go in the trunk. i would put my window down halfway and i could see whatever was in front of me and to my left and my right. my focus is on weaknesses, passengers, you know, and
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whenever there was an opening, he would shoot and just one rapid one after another. if he wasn't opening within ten minutes, we moved. >> that might be the first time we actually heard his voice. he is serving a life sentence with no parole at a virginia prison. john mohammed as you might recall was executed back in 2009. the pair was linked to 27 shootings across the country. and we've got some scattered countries right -- scattered showers right now. we'll go to the weather center. hi erica. >> reporter: we're going to see some drying in the overnight hours. but right now if you live in the city or north of the city, you're probably seeing some shower activity. take a look at our satellite and radar loop. you can see how they descended towards us from the north and west right on schedule. i told you last night we would expect this activity late afternoon, early evening. here we are with the firing up of the north and the west of the city. right now, a big change in temperatures, depending on whether or not you have the
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showers. it is still in the 50s in places like martinsburg, but we're in the 70s below that front. 72 in d.c. and 70 degrees right now in manassas. but it was a pretty pleasant day for most of us as you can see here. 74 degrees with our high of 54. that was the low temperature. so pretty much right on target for this time of the year with those average highs and lows, but much milder air is on the way. i'll tell you more about that and plus the rain that will come along with the mild temperatures in the full seven- day forecast. bruce, back to you. >> thank you, erica. the nats once again are trying to clinch the division title and once again they fell short. >> reporter: the nats are so close. they are just so close. all they needed to clinch the division was a win today. and they kind of seemed like they didn't come ready to play. he is making a big start in his hometown. and he got rocked together. he didn't make it out of the third, giving up seven runs on
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four hits while walking back. now, he hit a home run and as did danny espinasa, but they lose today, 10-4. now, r.j. bowings has been in st. louis all weekend. goggles in hand, but hey, maybe the goggles, you know, is something that they could dig, but they couldn't get it done. >> reporter: i would put those away. i'm no longer picking up the goggles or the poncho, not doing that at all. but we're getting our moneys worth when it comes to baseball this weekend. there is a college baseball game going on right now and they are pretty good. the nats could have used them, especially the pitchers. they came in with a magic number of thee in the show-me state. but they didn't show me too much. >> it would have been nice to have this one for the clinch and everything. but you know we are back out there tomorrow. and we've got a great shot with them. >> still the same mentality and we've got three games to finish the deal off.
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>> we have had rough outages before. we'll come back and be fine. i like clinching home, you know, for the home fans. >> reporter: and let's hope that they will be able to clinch at home. of course they will be home tomorrow starting up a thee- game set. the final three games of this season against the phillies. we'll have much more coming up in 20 minutes. for now back to you in the studios. >> all right, thank you, dave. and i know that they are happy to have them back. hoping to see the celebration. but like you said, let's do hope that they clinch three more games in this season. like he said, we'll have more from st. louis in 20 minutes and at 11:35, back to you. >> okay, thank you so much. still ahead on 9news now. new troubles for lindsay lohan, but this time she is the victim. separation from maria shriver, arnold swarzenegger. we'll preview what he had to
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say tonight on 60 minutes.
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lindsay lohan is in the news again. this time she says she's the victim. they got into an argument with the man of the new york city hotel room, over some photos on the cell phone. and they physically grabbed her and threw her. they were taken into custody on a misdemeanor assault charge. arnold swarzenegger comes
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clean since the separation from marie california shriver. and the child that he fathered from the housekeeper. >> this is the most unbelievable about of betrayal to maria. >> it was the stymeddest thing that i have done in the whole relationship. it was terrible. inflicted tremendous pain on maria and unbelievable pain on the kids. >> he is right here tonight on the 45th season premier of 60 minutes, right here on channel 7 right after this broadcast. if you own a chevy cobalt, you'll want to take notes. the national highway transportation safety administration said that they have received over 1,000 complaints about the cobalt's
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electric power steering. also reports of accident and safety and the investigation. covering 900,000 cobalts. just ahead on 9news now this sunday, scattered showers tonight. what about tomorrow morning? heading back to school and work? we've got your forecast.
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first thing is first, nats are at home tomorrow. we know that they will clinch, what is the weather like? >> it will be fine tomorrow. and you can see it at the roadway. that will be the -- it will be 63 degrees. these showers moving around at 20 miles per hour and the pressure is dropping as these
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showers move through. some good news here in the weather headlines, and the showers will are happen as the sun goes down. the showers will be developing. it looks like it on monday and tuesday. and that is going to happen for you. so right now, we have this storm system moving on through. you can see the backside of the area of the low pressure that brought us the rain here on thursday and friday. now it is bringing us these showers and possibilities of heavier rain. the next storm system that we're watching is way down here to the south and the west, bringing some tornado watches to the gold coastal region. but i think that by the time the storm system will make it here to the d.c. metro area, we will not be seeing any severe weather, just some rain. so the future cast will show the storms and the showers that are firing up right now. most of it is on the light side, with some pockets of heavier rain as we head towards midnight. it will clear on out of here
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and monday will be a dry day, though we will see an increase of the cloud cover during the day. by noon you have seen the clouds and they are going well to the south and the west and the showers will not make it here until tuesday though, so we will continue to see the dry conditions for you on out here through monday evening. tuesday will be a messy day. so the showers are going to end. the ones on out there right now. partial clearing as we need to head towards sunrise tomorrow and we'll dip down in the outlining suburbs with the light winds. monday morning will be partly sunny. you might need to shave for the monday morning rush hour. not in the afternoon though. temperatures in the 50s and the 60s and the increase in the cloud cover during the afternoon on monday, but it does stay dry during the day with a high between 68 and 75 degrees. so another seasonably mild day on out there. it will get up to 70 in martinsburg, lees buffer and manassas. 73 in warrenton. as we take you to the zone for the chesapeake, 74 in easton and cambridge, 74 in baltimore.
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it'll get up to 75 degrees at andrew's air force base. so a very nice monday, though we'll see an increase in cloud cover. a dry day with a high of 75, very messy here on tuesday. we're going to go code yellow because of the possibility of possibilities of heavy rain and the thunderstorms, they might be very mild with the high of 78. on wednesday it will be very mild as well. 82 degrees, but still a chance for lingering showers. all right in your seven-day forecast, it looks like it will be great weather for the nats and then the stormy weather will move in on tuesday and wednesday and those games, they might be in jeopardy on both of those days. it will feel like it is sunny. thursday and friday looks great. and 72 on friday. and then as we need to head into next weekend, a stray shower is possible with a storm system that will be mostly to our north. >> all right, so i don't think that most of the rain will affect the turf or the redskins. both of them are playing at home next weekend. >> all right, talk about tomorrow's weather. it will be great, don't you think?
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>> yes, hopefully they clinch. hopefully they do clinch. three games left. we do already know that the nats are heading to the post season, but yeah a division title would be nice too. they have gotten as close as they can, but they just can't seem to get it done yet. we've got a live report from busch bush -- bush stadium coming up. what about the orioles' post-season game? sports is next. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis.
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anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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well nats fans, you may have gotten your wish. the nationals couldn't clinch the division on the road, which is just three games left. they now have a chance in st. louis. they are getting a start for the nats in their hometown. detwiler, bases are loaded, lifts a fly ball to the right. and that will be a long run on a bad angle. the ball just rolls into the corner, all the runners are tagged. so two runs come in, he is stunned out, trying to come
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from first. and detwiler allowed seven runs in less than three innings. in the fourth, they tried to rally, the access shot and that will be the 22nd home run of the season, pulling within three. then in the bottom of the fourth, carlos beltran answers with the second home run of the game. now the braves, that will be the magic number that stays at one. all right, we'll head out to st. louis, joining us live from bush stadium. it looks like the champagne is staying, dave? >> yeah, no champagne for me. and you'll talk about the pitching. the nats come in with the second best team in all of baseball. some people think that they will have the best starting rotation. but it did not happen this weekend as you talked about roth detwiler had a tough one. three earned, he was not happy
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about it. >> i didn't throw any strikes, i walked like two people in two innings. you don't have much success doing that. >> he was throwing. he wasn't using all his pitches. he's got a bad habit of doing that occasionally. hi just didn't pitch. >> reporter: all right, kb, coming up later on tonight, we're going to detail our couple of days in st. louis. not just are for the players, but our fans. the nats fans will travel. kind of hard to believe that when you see where the franchise was in the last couple of years. we'll talk about it on game time overtime. >> reporter: thanks, dave. we appreciate it. we'll look forward to that story. up the street, the baltimore orioles do the best they can to make the playoffs. their post season since 1997. orioles began the day with their magic number down to two hosting the red sox. in the first, nate mccloud's
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lead off home run. the o's will jump out to a 1-0 lead, just like that and then the fifth, the birds are up here. chris davis. and this is not chris davis. sorry about that. but the nationals, a big day for them. and they were able to clinch this one. jim johnson, he got his 50th save of the season. the nationals, i'm sorry, the orioles, they will win this one, 6-1 big win for them. and now the yankees, they won, and the angels won as well. so the o's are remaining tied in the first for the al east, clinching the spot with the angel's loss in their second game tonight. >> it is fun, i mean, you know today, it really reminded when the brewers made it. we stood out on the field and waited for them to end. it kind of brought back flashbacks. but you know it is one step closer. i mean it would have been nice to clinch, but i know we are still looking for the division. now to week four of the
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nfl. the redskins are on the road in tampa bay. right now late in the first quarter, the 21-13, rg3. 215 passing yards. one rushing tb. out for more. big game already on the big ground. and eight different redskins with at least one pass. of course, we'll have full high lites tonight for you on game on overtime. but they will be going to tampa bay and getting it done. >> everything is so exciting. >> i know. >> all sorts of things are going on. check your website probably. we'll see you back here at 11:00. bye.
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